You are what you wear: Alain Shoucair


Photo: Greg Demarque

Though he dresses in monochrome, Alain Shoucair’s 20-year advertising career is as colorful as it gets. Before joining Drive Dentsu, he worked for other advertising companies, including Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi and Grey.
Hat “It’s hard for men to find clothes in Lebanon – it’s either classics like suits or something casual. But for the past two years it’s been getting better with a few concept stores, like Phil & Joe in Gemmayzeh, where this hat is from.”
Glasses “I have a whole drawer of glasses and I change them all the time. I got these from Trunk, the men’s concept store in Saifi Village.”
Scarf “The print is actually the Leba- nese flag in black and white. It’s designed by Laurence Skaff for Italian brand Faliero Sarti and it’s also from Phil & Joe.”
Top “This is from The Kooples in New York City. I love this brand because they have classic styles but always with something extra – cool details like zippers or buttons, a touch of rock.”
Jacket Men just wanna have fun, Lebanese pop-up concept store.
Harem pants by Men just wanna have fun “I noticed ‘sherwel’ became trendy but I never thought they’d suit me. When I tried them on I realized they’re really comfortable and stylish. Now I love the style and I haven’t worn jeans in three months.”
Dr. Martens boots “I had these exact shoes as a teenager so I was always looking for a replacement pair but I could never find one. Two years ago I was in a French village and saw them in the window of a tiny shop. They only had one pair and it was in my size.”

What’s your job, exactly? I manage teams of creative people and I’m responsible for the overall creative output of the agency.

How much coffee do you drink in a day? I recently quit smoking so it’s much less now: 3-4 cups.

How often do you go shopping? I’m an impulsive shopper so when I find something I like I get it, whether it’s clothes or vinyls, which I collect.

Does your work require you to dress formally, ever? In advertising no one expects creatives to dress formally. This really helps because you can find a style that reflects your personality. I don’t particularly follow trends – I wear what I think is cool and what makes me feel comfortable.

Do you ever wear a suit? Only to weddings. But I wear it with a t-shirt I designed that has a tie printed on it.


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