You are what you wear: Mireille Korab

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Photo: Greg Demarque

Mireille Korab does it all and looks good doing it. Not only is she a senior executive at FFA Real Estate, secretary of the board at the Real Estate Developers Association of Lebanon and a board member of the Syndicate of Real Estate Consultants, Korab also works with the Beirut Institute think tank and several NGOs and sings every Sunday at her church. Above all this, she is a mother of two.

How do you manage your busy life? If I don’t do many things at once, it’s boring – I’m very active. It’s challenging but if you have the will you can manage. I definitely have major help from my parents, in-laws and husband. Monday to Friday I’m at work and I have to focus so there are no distractions. On weekends I change my hat and I play mommy. Things change but you adapt, it’s part of life. Even though I’m very committed to my work, everything is secondary when it comes to my kids.

Necklace My accessories reflect the fact that I’m a mom, the weekend side of me. This was a gift from my best friend and it has the name of my sons, Nicolas and Sherif, engraved on it. I never take it off no matter what I’m wearing and I feel like [my sons]are with me all the time.

Scarf, Gucci It’s my latest birthday gift from my mother-in-law, it has all the colors and I love it!

Wolf ring I saw the ring at one of my favorite shops in Milan and fell in love with it but didn’t buy it. After thinking about it all day I raced back from outside Milan just to buy it before the shop closed because we were traveling the next morning. I fought for it and I wear it every day.

Do you shop often? I never go out just to go shopping; I either need to buy something or I buy impulsively. My husband works a lot in Milan so I often shop there.

Bracelets I definitely have a corporate image but suits are not fun so I have to cheer them up with funky accessories. I love jewelry and I’ve always worn a lot of it. Two of the bracelets are my kids’ names, the others are just designs. Another bracelet looks like Cartier but it’s black rubber.

Suit There aren’t too many women in my field so it’s important to keep my attire professional – but I can still be myself in subtle ways. If you’re a successful woman in a field other than fashion you can still be fashionable.

Shoes, Dior

Is it hard being a woman in a male-dominated environment? I’m always surrounded by business people, mostly older men, and unfortunately many don’t take women very seriously from the start. I love the challenge and I love my field. It’s about having substance, being sure of your knowledge and knowing how to carry yourself.

You work with NGOs too? I’m very excited about Teach for Lebanon these days. I volunteer with Caritas. I also try to promote the Children’s Cancer of Lebanon because my sister had cancer when she was young and they treated her. I know how amazing and dedicated they are so we both strive to do what we can for them.




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