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Lebanon may have been late to the party, with its urban art scene sprouting in the 90s and only getting attention in the past decade or so, but the country is currently enjoying a particularly vibrant moment. What was once frowned upon as vandalism is now a way to beautify the streets. Today, Lebanon is a paradise for street art by all accounts. Partly due to lax law enforcement, as well as a more positive general attitude towards the artform, Lebanon’s barren concrete walls and boring, unpainted buildings are being colored in, drawn on and decorated by local and international artists at an unprecedented rate. Whether they are once-mischievous taggers looking to do something greater, full-time artists that want to make Beirut beautiful, part-timers contributing their creativity to the street scene or activists spreading messages of positivity, Lebanon’s diverse street artists are on the spectrum between big dreamers and bold daredevils who love to paint the town beautiful.

This is a three part article on street art in Lebanon.

Defining street art

Living in a street artist’s paradise

Here today, gone tomorrow


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