About us

Tired of focusing on everything that goes wrong in Lebanon – and there’s a lot – the team at Executive Magazine decided to explore what’s going right in the country: those creating beauty, exploring new frontiers, engendering hope.

We found a whole new world of Lebanese artists, connoisseurs and visionaries producing a rich bounty of new ideas, designs and concepts – and now we’re on a mission to promote these people and the beauty they create.

This is the cause of Executive|Life – to expose the world to the beauty found right here in Lebanon. To give you, the reader, a more nuanced appreciation for our homegrown talent. And to support these creators and dreamers – to prove that what they do matters.

The following pages are filled with carefully selected stories about the best of Lebanon. We challenge you to read them, and we promise you will see what we see, and be inspired as we have been. This is a cause – and we want you to join it. Become a believer.